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Build industry-level
mobile apps in no time

A React Native & Figma UI Kit for developers.
Validate your ideas in hours, not weeks.

Two examples of different screens that you can build using SpiroKit. It also supports dark-mode
A comparison between light and dark mode variants for the same component

Dark mode baked into
each component

Responsive to the core

Resize and adapt your
prototypes for any device.

Showing the same component in two different sizes. Every component in SpiroKit is responsive
Shows SpiroKit color palette that you can apply to your app.

Shared text & colors
across the entire kit

Built applying the atomic
design philosofy

Shows how complex components in SpiroKit are a result of mergining together other simpler components

Sound on

SpiroKit announcement video


Spiro kit logo with Figma logo

SpiroKit for Figma

  • Hundreds of building blocks
  • Color palette
  • Typography scales
  • Spacing rules
  • Dozens of pre-built screens
  • Dark mode support
  • Icons



In progress

Q1 2022

Spiro kit logo with React Native logo

Bundle: Figma + React Native UI Library

  • Customizable and production-ready components
  • Theme provider with Dark mode support
  • Accessible components built on top of React Native ARIA
  • Built using TypeScript
  • Expo compatible
  • Interactive documentation using Storybook

Q2 2022

Spiro kit logo with Expo logo

SpiroKit Expo template

  • Dozens of pre-built screens like sign-in, sign-up, forgot password, user profile, etc.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Integration with Firebase analytics
  • Error monitoring with services like Sentry or Bugsnag
  • Networking layer
  • Documentation
  • Step by Step tutorials for optional features